Upcoming Events

Schedule your event now. Call D'Lo Water Park at 601-847-4310.

The opportunity to have a good time is always an upcoming event at the D'Lo Water Park. If you enjoy Fishing, Canoeing, Camping, or just sitting around watching the water go by in the Strong River, come on down and visit.

The D'Lo Water Park also has camper pads to bring your camper and a cabin for a great little get-a-way.

The softball fields, pavilion, and picnic areas provide some nice places to play and relax.

There is a walking track and a play ground for the kids.

If there are some events that you would like to participate in at the D'Lo Water Park, please email the park, call, or come by and talk to the Park Manager. Any suggestions you might have will be greatly appreciated.



Park rules and regulations as well as state and county rules, regulations, and laws will be enforced. Violations will not be tolerated.